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Dear Parent/Guardian,

On behalf of Aodh Ruadh Bord na nÓg - the Aodh Ruadh underage football committee - we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to the Aodh Ruadh club and we know you will all enjoy participating in the club's many and varied activities.

Aodh Ruadh is a big club and a vital part of our community, catering for over 20 teams. This involves a lot of work for example administration, coaching, refereeing, making tea and sandwiches, transporting players, washing gear, selling lotto tickets, linesmen and umpires to mention a few, and we are very thankful to everyone who volunteers and are always very happy to have more people help out and get involved.Anyone willing to help out with various activities please contact Tracey 086 1764998 who will keep a list ofpeople willing to volunteer.

There are a lot of costs involved in running a club ie. registration fees, insurance, company Board levies, heating, water charges, buses and we also have loans for the development of Páirc Aoidh Ruaidh - which is a fantastic facility to have available to the club and added to this the flood lights which have been switched on recently. The club relies on fund raising to operate and cover these costs, unfortunately over recent years fundraising has become more difficult which leaves the club in a difficult financial situation. We need to reduce costs where possible and to assist with this we ask parents to help by:

Our managers and coaches volunteer a lot of time to train our teams and for the fulldevelopment of a team it is very important that all players make a commitment to their team by attending all training sessions and being available for all games. Fixtures are given out at start of season to all players and are available on - Southern Regional Board. We do understand there may be circumstances where players are not available and we would appreciate if you could inform team manager of this in ample time.As you can imagine it is very frustrating for managers to arrive for a game to find a number of players absent.

During games we would appreciate parents offering to do the line or do umpire where needed. Anyone interested in helping here but unsure what is involved, a short session on this will be offered to parents on Monday, 20th May from 8pm - 8.30pm in Aras Aoidh Ruaidh. It is also important at all games, particularly home games that we see strong support for our players where we lead by example showing respect for opposition and officials. Further information on the club and Bord na nÓg is available on

We are a family club and are inviting you to come along and be involved in our club - one club one family.

Is mise le meas

Shane Toolan Cathaoirleach

Tracey Flood Runaí

Last modified: Monday, 1 June 2020 at 1:15pm