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McCumhaill's overpower Aodh Ruadh challenge

29 April 2006
Senior Club Ulster League Competition - Section 3A
McCumhaill's 3-11
Aodh Ruadh 1-10

In a tough match, McCumhaill's eventually pulled away in the last 10 minutes with a fortuitous goal and some well taken points to seal the victory.

On the whole McCumhaills were certainly the better team with their players being first to the ball on nearly every occasion and showing a sharper brand of direct hurling. It was a tale of woe for the Aodh Ruadh half backs who never really got on top of their men and together with a very fit McCumhaill's midfield they dominated the game. On the resumption of play at half-time Aodh Ruadh scored a goal (M. Bowering) and were within three points of McCumhaill's but then a high dropping ball was lef into the Aodh Ruadh goal and the two McCumhaills corner forwards (County Minor stars) also got some excellent points to put breathing space between the two sides.

Man of the match was Jamsie O'Donnell. His switch from centre back to centre forward paid dividends and his pace and soloing ability caused Aodh Ruadh havoc! Best for Aodh Ruadh were Peter Horan, Anthony Bowering and Thomas Gallagher.

Vital Statistics
Aodh Ruadh
John Rooney; Brian Patton, Dennis Doherty, Kieran Breslin; Gary Loughlin, Thomas Gallagher, Peter Horan; Johnny Dolan (0-4; 0-2 frees), Anthony Bowering (0-1); Paul Hughes (0-1), Kevin Loughlin (0-1), Michael Bowering; Patrick McGarrigle ('Spanny'), Anthony Coughlin (Waddle) (0-2; 0-1 frees) and John Larkin (1-0).
Thomas Gallagher ('Scillachi') for John Larkin; Kieran Kilgannon (0-1) for P. McGarrigle.

Report Filed: 6 May 2006