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Aodh Ruadh edged out in tight-fought derby

Reserve Championship
15 May 2005
Four Masters 0-11
Aodh Ruadh 0-09
Sean Perry reports.

In a game that both sides had periods of dominance, Four Masters came good in the final minutes to take a first leg victory.

Aodh Ruadh led 0-6 to 0-5 at the break and then came from behind to level matters at 0-8 each midway through the second half. However, Four Masters finished stronger with John McAloon one of their stars on the day.

Vital Statistics
Four Masters
D Murray; P Harvey, C Browne, D Bushell; C Rooney 0-2, P McGlynn, E Caldwell; C Cassidy, J Doherty 0-1; P Gillespie, J McMullin 0-1, G McGinty 0-2, J McAloon 0-3, D Dunnion 0-1, f, S Griffin 0-1.
Aodh Ruadh
P Kane; B Gettins, P Barron, O R O'Neill; B McCaffrey, M Lawless, B Travers; K Ryan, S McShea 0-2, 2f; J McIntyre 0-1, T McIntyre 0-1, G Gillespie 0-1; D Hoey 0-1, D Downey, J Travers 0-3.
F McIntyre for Hoey; S McGrath for Downey; J McIntyre for T McIntyre; B McGuinness for J McIntyre; D Downey for Gillespie.
T Gallagher.

Report Filed: 18 May 2005